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CU Denver Sentry

Since CU Denver’s weekly publication was titled The Advocate (renamed in 2016), my writing has been featured in the newspaper, from articles to columns. My work can be further explored here.

List of articles:


3/8/17 Academic laziness is not a feat

2/8/17 The Patriots make Super Bowl history

10/19/16 Trick-or-treating as an adult: yes or no?

10/12/16 Cider Days: a family-friendly drinking environment

9/28/16 CD Review: Shawn Mendes

8/17/16 Women vs. women a dangerous affair

4/27/16 Cheapest administrative policy

4/27/16 Most inspirational beginning

3/2/16 Clinton Campaign stops in Denver

9/23/15 CD Review: Widowspeak

8/12/15 CD Review: Wilco

5/6/15 Most horrific Denver show

4/29/15 Not all abusive relationships are physical

3/18/15 CD Review: Madonna

3/11/15 Asshole glorification

2/11/15 P/CP: Valentine’s Day

2/4/15 Shitty schedules

12/3/14 CD Review: Taylor Swift

11/19/14 Validity of humanities major

11/12/14 P/CP: NCAA sports on campus

11/12/14 CD Review: Kiasmos

10/15/14 P/CP: Walking out of class early

10/15/14 CD Review: alt-J

10/8/14 It’Sugar: sweet treats for kids of all ages 

10/8/14 CD Review: Karen O

10/1/14 P/CP: Beards

9/17/14 (uNiT)e: CU Denver student finds success as local rapper

9/10/14 Seventh Circle Music Collective

9/10/14 CD Review: Imogen Heap

9/10/14 P/CP: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

9/3/14 CU Personality: Gordana Lazic


3/8/17 Small town roots

3/1/17 It’s About Who You Know

2/22/17 Messy Grieving

2/15/17 Oh No, A Mouse

2/8/17 Sick Bed Thoughts

1/25/17 Cliche of the Day


12/7/16 Better Than Cookies

11/30/16 Never Gonna End

11/16/16 Thankful For

11/9/16 5ever and Always

11/2/16 The Time Is Now


10/19/16 Return to Roots

10/12/16 Feelings of Fall

10/5/16 I’m Not Sick

9/28/16 Splish Splash

9/21/16 Forward Thinking

9/14/16 Steady Bloom

9/7/16 Light Up the Dark

8/31/16 Fresh Spirit

8/17/16 Falling Into Place

4/20/16 We Did It

4/16/16 Vote, Vote, Vote

4/6/16 Writerly Women

3/30/16 Twenty-Fun

3/22/16 First Steps

3/16/16 Keep Chugging

3/9/16 Nice, Nice, Baby

3/2/16 Times Change

2/24/16 The Handshake

2/17/16 Jiggy With It

2/10/16 Boundless Lovin’

2/4/16 Paint Me Positive

1/27/16 Essay Questions

1/20/16 Hasta Luego


The Gunnison Country Times

My internship with my hometown newspaper allowed me the opportunity to write several articles. Below are links to those clips.

List of articles:


1/23/14 Watching the Weather

6/5/14 Looking beneath the surface

6/12/14 Back to the basics

6/19/14 Prairie dog study proving fruitful (cited as “Times Staff Report”)

6/26/14 ‘Diamonds’ opens doors

7/10/14 Making a name for herself in LA

7/10/14 Old school coaching lives on